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Matt Martin Joins Panel Discussion on Carolina Business Review

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Regional Executive Matt Martin recently discussed the 2019 economic outlook as a panelist on Carolina Business Review, a program broadcast on public television stations across North Carolina and South Carolina.

Martin shared his perspectives on the economy with the show’s host, Chris Williams, and fellow economists Sara House of Wells Fargo Securities, John Connaughton of the University of North Carolina and Doug Woodward of the University of South Carolina. “The momentum we’re carrying in from 2018, basic conditions look really good,” Martin said.

Williams asked the panel of economists about the potential for a recession in 2019.

“There is no indication of a recession based on where we sit today,” Martin replied, offering that the Richmond Fed’s experts and leaders routinely talk with business leaders to gauge their confidence. “As far as they can see, things are going to look good heading into 2019.”

But, Martin explained, “there is a little bit of an attitude change,” where business leaders are beginning to ask when the “good run” is going to end.

The panel also discussed labor markets, real estate conditions and climate change during the hour-long broadcast.

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