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Economic Quarterly

Oct. 17, 2018

Richmond Fed’s Economic Quarterly Looks Into the Decline in Currency Use at a National Retail Chain

In the latest Economic Quarterly, Richmond Fed economists Zhu Wang and Alexander Wolman identify a decline in cash usage for retail payments over a four-year period. They look at data from 2011 and 2015 to study why there has been this shift from cash to credit and debit cards at a large nationwide discount retailer.

Wang and Wolman find that much of the decline in cash usage is likely due to improvements to credit and debit cards and evolving consumer perceptions of cards due to those improvements. The shift is explained to a lesser degree by an increase in the size of transactions, as cash is mostly used for smaller purchases, and by location-specific demographic changes. However, they note that their observations may be common to the stores studied in this paper but not to the broader U.S. economy.

This article and others in the latest issue of Economic Quarterly are available on our website.

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  • Idiosyncratic Sectoral Growth, Balanced Growth, and Sectoral Linkages by Andrew Foerster, Eric LaRose, and Pierre-Daniel Sarte

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