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Economic Quarterly

Jan. 9, 2019

Richmond Fed’s Economic Quarterly Asks Why Payment Platforms Use Ad Valorem Fees

In the latest issue of Economic Quarterly, Richmond Fed economist Zhu Wang reviews two explanations for why transaction platforms (such as online marketplaces and payment platforms) use ad valorem fees, which are fees charged to the seller in proportion to the value of a transaction.

One theory examined in Wang’s article is that when platforms and sellers both have market power, the platform receives more profit from using a proportional fee rather than a per-transaction fee. The second theory focuses on the idea that since platforms deal with a wide range of transactions of varying values, ad valorem fees are the most efficient way to increase their profit. He finds that the two theories complement each other in explaining the use of ad valorem fees.

This examination is important because of policy concerns about the use of ad valorem fees. Wang presents evidence that banning these fees may reduce social welfare, so any policy intervention should be approached with caution.

This article and others in the latest issue of Economic Quarterly are available on our website.

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