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Cover to Econ Focus 4Q 2021

Dec. 17, 2021

Richmond Fed Looks at the Pandemic-Era Startup Boom

The recovery from the COVID-19 recession has had a surprising feature: new business applications have rebounded sharply since the initial lockdowns in 2020 and are now even higher than pre-pandemic levels. This surge of interest in starting businesses could reverse a long-running startup drought that left the U.S. economy less dynamic. The latest issue of the Richmond Fed’s Econ Focus magazine looks at the startup surge, where it came from, and where it seems to be going.

Also in this issue:

Richmond Fed President Tom Barkin on forward guidance. Starting in the early 2000s, the Fed began to provide information about the likely future path of monetary policy through “forward guidance.” In his President’s Message column, Barkin looks at the challenges involved in crafting forward guidance.

Predicting inflation. Following a period of historically high inflation measures, economists and Fed policymakers are studying whether inflation will continue to build. But forecasting inflation is notoriously difficult — research shows that markets, consumers, and economists have rarely anticipated past changes in its direction.

An evolving role for college. Student debt in the United States has reached more than $1.5 trillion. As the financial burden of higher education has worsened for many, there’s increasing discussion of alternatives to college degrees as a gateway to good jobs.

Genghis Khan, trade warrior. Genghis Khan established an empire that extended from China to the Caspian Sea. But his legacy extends far beyond his military deeds. Among the Mongol Empire’s most enduring accomplishments were the development of the Silk Road and an enormous expansion of global trade.

Interview. Harvard’s Edward Glaeser, a top researcher on the economics of cities and regions, discusses the strengths of downtowns, the future of small towns, and the “Yes iIn My Back Yard” reaction to restrictive development rules.

More. Coverage of other economic issues affecting the Fifth Federal Reserve District and the nation.

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