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Community Pulse


Survey Methodology

The purpose of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Community Pulse survey is to identify the most significant current and emerging issues in the Fifth District’s numerous, highly diverse communities. The survey is administered once a year to a panel of participants representing the community development field in the Fifth District. The participants are chosen based on a predefined set of criteria that best represents the community development industry in the District. The survey was sent to roughly 2,335 community stakeholders. The 2016 survey was administered online in July and early August. Responses were received from 405 individuals, however, only 393 responses contained answers to noncontact information questions.

The 2016 survey instrument consists of 25 questions. When identifying top current issues, respondents may select from a predefined list of issues or write in their own issues. The list of issues is revised for each round based on the results of the previous round and input from Community Development department staff members. All open-ended responses to survey questions included in this report are taken verbatim from respondents’ written in answers. Any reported percentages have been rounded and may not equal 100 percent.

To participate in future surveys or offer feedback, contact Emily Corcoran at

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