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Marketwise Community

Marketwise Community highlights community development best practice models and emerging issues in the Fifth District.

Volume 5 Issue 2

This issue of MarketWise Community provides a brief history of the formation of West Virginia Loan Fund Collaborative (WVLFC) as well as an analysis of how WVLFC members deploy capital to small businesses. The development of WVLFC and its ongoing work may serve as a model for other states to understand alternative lending activity within their borders.

Volume 5, Issue 1

Recognizing community and economic development challenges across the low- and moderate-income spectrum in rural communities, three Reserve Banks – Atlanta, Cleveland and Richmond – established the Tri-Bank Initiative, a partnership to work together on programs to benefit Central Appalachia. This issue of MarketWise Community explores the Tri-Bank Initiative’s work through the lens of a model of collective impact where partnering organizations coalesce around a shared agenda designed to address these regional community and economic development challenges.

Volume 4 Issue 1

The Changing Role of Libraries in Our Communities

Volume 3 Issue 2

Specialized Housing for People With Disabilities: Trends in Virginia

Volume 3 Issue 1

Community Land Trusts: An Alternative Approach to Affordable Homeownership and Neighborhood Revitalization

Volume 2 Issue 2

The Relevancy of Housing Counseling After the Housing Market Crisis

Volume 2 Issue 1

New Alternatives in Small Business Financing.

Volume 1 Issue 2

New Prepaid Cards Help Build Credit History

Volume 1 Issue 1

Employer-Sponsored Alternatives to Payday Loans in Virginia

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