eBrief is designed to provide legislators and their staff timely information on our research and a more in-depth view on the publications and activities we conduct throughout our region.

January 2016

eBrief - January 2016

This edition of the eBrief features Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker’s recent economic outlook speeches as well as analyses on the impact of current financial regulation, including the liquidity coverage ratio requirements. This eBrief also highlights economic changes in the Fifth Federal Reserve District by exploring the rates of “rent burdened” households and the number of microbusinesses before and after the Great Recession.

November 2015

eBrief - November 2015

This edition of the eBrief highlights the “Non-Employment Index,” a comprehensive measure of labor market health developed by Richmond Fed economists Andreas Hornstein and Marianna Kudlyak and McGill University economist Fabian Lange. President Lacker’s views on the limits of monetary policy and subsidizing debt are also featured as well as an update on the work of the Richmond Fed’s payments advisory councils. 

October 2015

eBrief - October 2015

This edition of the eBrief includes President Jeffrey Lacker’s recent speech on the importance of early childhood education as well as his views on monetary policy. This issue also highlights research on marriage rates in the United States and detailed economic updates for the Fifth Federal Reserve District.

September 2015

eBrief - September 2015

The edition of the eBrief includes President Lacker’s September speech on monetary policy as well as research that estimates the natural rate of interest and an analysis of the causes behind the Fed’s missed inflation targets. This issue also highlights the most recent Beige Book that provides an overview of economic activity in the Fifth Federal Reserve District.

August 2015

eBrief - August 2015

This edition of the eBrief includes background on the Richmond Fed’s “Bailout Barometer” by President Jeffrey Lacker as well as articles that explore that last major housing finance reform effort, an analysis of how the Dodd-Frank Act’s cap on debit card interchange fees has impacted merchants’ costs, and a look at the challenges and benefits of the resolution plans for large financial firms required by Dodd-Frank. This edition also includes an overview from a Richmond Fed regional economist about how the Fifth Federal Reserve District labor markets are assessed.

July 2015

eBrief - July 2015

This edition of the eBrief includes an article from Richmond Fed researchers who examined the performance of U.S. bank holding companies during the financial crisis, a working paper from Richmond Fed senior economist and research advisor Robert Hetzel on recent economic developments in Greece and possible paths forward for the country, as well as research that seeks to explain prices differences for the same product. In addition, this eBrief also highlights the latest Beige Book, which takes a look at economic conditions in the Fifth District and across the nation. 

June 2015

eBrief - June 2015

This issue includes a look at President Jeffrey Lacker’s experiences as a member of the FOMC, research that analyzes whether banking reforms of the early 1990s failed and articles from the Richmond Fed’s latest edition of Econ Focus that explore the regulatory environment for new online markets and whether money buys political influence in light of legal changes in campaign finance.

TBTF Special Issue

eBrief - TBTF Special Issue

This edition of the eBrief focuses on the Richmond Fed’s work on the “too big to fail” problem and its potential solutions. In addition to research that looks at the history of “too big to fail,” this eBrief highlights the Richmond Fed’s new estimates of the share of financial system liabilities for which the federal government provides protection from losses.

April 2015

eBrief - April 2015

This issue includes Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker’s speeches on workforce development and recent economic conditions, as well as an article that looks at the minimum wage as a tool for helping low-income workers and research that analyzes whether nominal GDP should be utilized as a monetary policy target or benchmark. Our Region at a Glance is also included, which is our quarterly publication that highlights activities of the Richmond Fed within the Fifth Federal Reserve District.

March 2015

eBrief - March 2015

This issues includes Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker’s speech on financial literacy; an Economic Brief analyzing the decline in new bank entry; as well as articles that look at the high school dropout rate and how the geography of jobs affects unemployment.

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