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Working Papers


November 2013, No. 13-19R

mREITs and Their Risks (Revised December 2013)

Sabrina R. Pellerin, Steven Sabol and John R. Walter

October 2013, No. 13-17

State Dependent Monetary Policy

Nicholas Trachter, Francesco Lippi and Stefania Ragni

September 2013, No. 13-14R

The Impact of Regional and Sectoral Productivity Changes on the U.S. Economy (Revised July 2017)

Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Fernando Parro and Lorenzo Caliendo

August 2013, No. 13-12

The Time-Varying Beveridge Curve

Luca Benati and Thomas A. Lubik

August 2013, No. 13-11

Productivity Insurance: The Role of Unemployment Benefits in a Multi-Sector Model

David L. Fuller, Marianna Kudlyak and Damba Lkhagvasuren

August 2013, No. 13-09R

Are Young Borrowers Bad Borrowers? (Revised June 2014)

Peter Debbaut, Andra C. Ghent and Marianna Kudlyak

May 2013, No. 13-05R

Market-based Incentives (Revised May 2016)

Borys Grochulski and Yuzhe Zhang

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