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view of a rural location

Rural areas and small towns face a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

As part of our mission to strengthen our nation’s economy, we're committed to helping these communities and their residents reach their economic potential.

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Second Quarter 2023

Since becoming President of the Richmond Fed in 2018, Tom Barkin has made spending time throughout the Fifth District his goal. One of the ways the Richmond Fed's research department supports this goal is through an event series known as Community Conversations.

April 12, 2023

President Tom Barkin shares how small towns in the Fifth District are putting their best foot forward to attract talent.

Tom Barkin
President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Rural Spotlight Series


March 15, 2023

Santiago Pinto discusses his research on commuting patterns in the Fifth District and how these patterns may help us better understand the economic connections between rural and urban communities. Pinto is a senior economist and policy advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

July 27, 2022

Sierra Latham and Stephanie Norris discuss the challenges of collecting socioeconomic data on small towns and rural areas, how data analysts address them, and the value of that work in analyzing and improving the Richmond Fed's understanding of these communities.

Academic Research

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