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Past Staff & Contributors

Timothy Q. Cook was an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

Sep/Oct, 1991

The Reaction of Interest Rates to the Employment Report

Timothy Q. Cook and Steven Korn

Sep/Oct, 1990

Interest Rate Expectations and the Slope of the Money Market Yield Curve

Timothy Q. Cook and Thomas K. Hahn

Jul/Aug, 1986

Treasury Bill versus Private Money Market Yield Curves

Timothy Q. Cook, Thomas A. Lawler and Timothy D. Rowe

May/Jun, 1985

Are NOWs Being Used as Savings Accounts?

Timothy Q. Cook and Timothy D. Rowe

Sep/Oct, 1980

Short-Term Investment Pools

Timothy Q. Cook and Jeremy G. Duffield

Jul/Aug, 1979

Average Costs of Money Market Mutual Funds

Timothy Q. Cook and Jeremy G. Duffield

May/Jun, 1976

Net Corporate Saving in the 1970's

Timothy Q. Cook

Sep/Oct, 1974

The Residential Mortgage Market in Recent Years

Timothy Q. Cook

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