Past Staff and Contributors


Issue Title Author(s)
1991 The Reaction of Interest Rates to the Employment Report: The Role of Policy Anticipations Timothy Q. Cook
Steven Korn
1990 Interest Rate Expectations and the Slope of the Money Market Yield Curve Timothy Q. Cook
Thomas K. Hahn
1989 Determinants of the Federal Funds Rate: 1979-1982 Timothy Q. Cook
1986 Treasury Bill versus Private Money Market Yield Curves Timothy Q. Cook
Thomas A. Lawler
Timothy D. Rowe
1985 Are NOWs Being Used as Savings Accounts? Timothy Q. Cook
Timothy D. Rowe
1984 The 1983 M1 Seasonal Factor Revisions: An Illustration of Problems That May Arise in Using Seasonally Adjusted Data for Policy Purposes Timothy Q. Cook
1983 The Behavior of the Spread between Treasury Bill Rates and Private Money Market Rates since 1978 Timothy Q. Cook
Thomas A. Lawler
1983 The Relationship between the Discount Rate and the Federal Funds Rate under the Federal Reserve's Post-October 6, 1979 Operating Procedure J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr.
Timothy Q. Cook
1982 Determinants of Individual Tax-Exempt Bond Yields: A Survey of the Evidence Timothy Q. Cook
1980 Short-Term Investment Pools Timothy Q. Cook
Jeremy G. Duffield
1979 Average Costs of Money Market Mutual Funds Timothy Q. Cook
Jeremy G. Duffield
1979 Money Market Mutual Funds: A Reaction to Government Regulations or A Lasting Financial Innovation? Timothy Q. Cook
Jeremy G. Duffield
1978 Regulation Q and the Behavior of Savings and Small Time Deposits at Commercial Banks and the Thrift Institutions Timothy Q. Cook
1978 The Impact of Large Time Deposits on the Growth Rate of M2 Timothy Q. Cook
1977 Some Factors Affecting Short-Run Growth Rates of the Money Supply J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr.
Timothy Q. Cook
1977 Changing Yield Spreads in the U. S. Government Bond Market Timothy Q. Cook
1976 Net Corporate Saving in the 1970's Timothy Q. Cook
1974 The Residential Mortgage Market in Recent Years Timothy Q. Cook