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Marvin Goodfriend was a senior vice president and policy advisor in the Research Department from 1993 to 2005. Goodfriend also served as director of research from 1993 to 1999. He is currently an economics professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

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April 2001, No. 01-2

The Case for Price Stability

Marvin Goodfriend and Robert G. King

January 2001, No. 01-1

Financial Stability, Deflation, and Monetary Policy

Marvin Goodfriend

August 2000, No. 00-3

Overcoming the Zero Bound on Interest Rate Policy

Marvin Goodfriend

July 1999, No. 99-4

The Role of a Regional Bank in a System of Central Banks

Marvin Goodfriend

March 1999, No. 99-2

Limited Commitment and Central Bank Lending

Marvin Goodfriend and Jeffrey M. Lacker

January 1999, No. 99-1

Industrial Development and the Convergence Question

Marvin Goodfriend and John McDermott

April 1997, No. 97-4

A Framework for the Analysis of Moderate Inflations

Marvin Goodfriend

January 1994, No. 94-2

Early Development

Marvin Goodfriend and John McDermott

June 1991, No. 91-6

Information-Aggregation Bias

Marvin Goodfriend

August 1990, No. 90-6

Interest Rates and the Conduct of Monetary Policy

Marvin Goodfriend

August 1989, No. 89-3

Money, Credit, Banking, and Payments System Policy

Marvin Goodfriend

February 1988, No. 88-5

Central Banking Under the Gold Standard

Marvin Goodfriend

July 1986, No. 87-3

Interest Rate Smoothing and Price Level Trend-Stationarity

Marvin Goodfriend

July 1986, No. 86-3

Theoretical Analysis of the Demand for Money

Marvin Goodfriend and Bennett T. McCallum

August 1985, No. 85-7

Monetary Mystique: Secrecy and Central Banking

Marvin Goodfriend

September 1984, No. 84-4

A Weekly Perfect Foresight Model of the Nonborrowed Reserve Operating Procedure

Marvin Goodfriend, Gary Anderson, Anil Kashyap, George Moore and Richard D. Porter

January 1983, No. 83-1

A Historical Assessment of the Rationales and Functions of Reserve Requirements

Marvin Goodfriend and Monica Hargraves

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