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Past Staff & Contributors

Yash Mehra was a senior economist and policy advisor in the Research Department from 1983 to 2010.

Second Quarter 2010

Inflation Measure, Taylor Rules, and the Greenspan-Bernanke Years

Yash P. Mehra and Bansi Sawhney

Summer 2009

Short-Term Headline-Core Inflation Dynamics

Yash P. Mehra and Devin Reilly

Summer 2007

A Taylor Rule and the Greenspan Era

Yash P. Mehra and Brian D. Minton

Summer 2005

Oil Prices and Consumer Spending

Yash P. Mehra and Jon D. Petersen

Fall 2003

Why Does Consumer Sentiment Predict Household Spending?

Yash P. Mehra and Elliot W. Martin

Spring 1998

The Bond Rate and Actual Future Inflation

Yash P. Mehra

Fall 1993

Unit Labor Costs and the Price Level

Yash P. Mehra

October 2008, No. 08-01

Inflation Expectations: Their Sources and Effects

Yash P. Mehra and Devin Reilly

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