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Diego Restuccia was a senior economist in the Research Department from 2005 to 2006. He is currently a professor of economics at the University of Toronto.

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Third Quarter 2011

Recent Developments in Economic Growth

Diego Restuccia

Winter 2007

Exchange Rates and Business Cycles Across Countries

Diego Restuccia, Margarida Duarte and Andrea L. Waddle

Summer 2006

The Productivity of Nations

Diego Restuccia and Margarida Duarte

February 2006, No. 06-2

On the Aggregate and Distributional Implications of Productivity Differences across Countries

Diego Restuccia, Tatyana Koreshkova and Andrés Erosa

September 2005, No. 05-9

A Quantitative Theory of the Gender Gap in Wages

Diego Restuccia, Luisa Fuster and Andrés Erosa

August 2005, No. 05-8

A General Equilibrium Analysis of Parental Leave Policies

Diego Restuccia, Luisa Fuster and Andrés Erosa

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