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Staff Economists

Research economists study a number of areas, including monetary policy, macroeconomics, financial markets and institutions, and payments systems. Regional economists monitor economic conditions in the Fifth District. Both groups provide information and analysis on current economic issues and trends to the Bank president and board of directors, others in the Bank and the Federal Reserve System, and the general public.

Research Economists

Kartik Athreya
Executive Vice President and Director of Research
Huberto M. Ennis
(Macroeconomics, banking)
Grey Gordon
Borys Grochulski
(Financial economics)
Andreas Hornstein
(Macroeconomics, monetary policy)
Arantxa Jarque
(Banking, contract theory)
John Bailey Jones
(Macroeconomics, labor economics, health economics)
Marios Karabarbounis
(Macroeconomics, labor economics)
Thomas A. Lubik
(Macroeconomics, international economics, monetary policy)
Christian Matthes
(Macroeconomics, monetary policy)
Urvi Neelakantan
(Consumer finance)
Raymond E. Owens III
(Regional economics, business conditions)
Toan Phan
(Macroeconomics, international macroeconomics)
Santiago Pinto
(Urban and regional economics, public economics)
Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte
(Macroeconomics, economic growth, regional economics)
Felipe Schwartzman
(Macroeconomics, international economics)
Bruno Sultanum
(Macroeconomics, banking, financial economics)
Nicholas Trachter
(Macroeconomics, money and banking)
John R. Walter
(Banking regulation and legislation)
Zhu Wang
(Macroeconomics, banking and payments)
Roy H. Webb
(Macroeconomics, business conditions)
John A. Weinberg
(Macroeconomics, monetary policy)
Alexander L. Wolman
(Macroeconomics, monetary policy)
Russell Wong
(Macro and monetary economics, financial economics)

Regional Economists

R. Andrew Bauer
Regional Executive
Ann Battle Macheras
Group Vice President
Matthew Martin
Regional Executive
Sonya Ravindranath Waddell
Vice President

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