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The Research Department provides the following links to online mapping tools and sources of economic data offered by the Richmond Fed and other Reserve Banks.

From the Richmond Fed


Snapshot is a monthly update of the Fifth District economy produced by the Regional Economics group. It includes timely data and analysis of labor market, household, and housing market conditions at both the state and metro area level.

Fifth District Economic Indicators

Updated monthly by the Regional Economics group, these charts provide state-level information on industries, labor markets, income, and housing in the Fifth District.

5th District Footprint

Published six times a year by the Community Development division, each issue offers a spatial analysis of various issues affecting communities in the region.

Regional Profiles

This compilation is produced annually by Regional Economics to provide a general overview of the Fifth District's economic performance. It includes data and analysis on output, demographic trends, labor markets, household conditions, and real estate activity.

Community Development Data and Mapping Resources

A compilation of links to select data sources and mapping tools are available here. PolicyMap's web-based mapping tool, Map Your Community, is one of the resources provided. Users can create, customize and print maps of communities, counties and states using a select number of economic and demographic indicators.

National Economic Indicators

Download charts and tables with the latest economic data gathered by the Richmond Fed

From Other Reserve Banks

Credit Conditions in the United States

Developed by the New York Fed, these dynamic maps show bank card and mortgage delinquency rates, and conditions and density of owner-occupied subprime mortgage loans nationwide. Information is available on the state, county, and zip-code level.

Real-Time Data Set for Macroeconomists

Developed by the Philadelphia Fed, this data set consists of vintages, or snapshots, of time series of major macroeconomic variables.

FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data)

Developed by the St. Louis Fed, this database consists of more than 19,000 U.S. economic time series that can be downloaded or viewed in chart form.

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