Financial Regulation

We study the impact of financial regulation on the financial sector and the broader economy. Our research covers a broad range of topics, including bank capital regulations, consumer regulations, and central bank lending. Our recent work has dealt with the size of the federal financial safety net, the influence of regulation on mortgage default rates, and bank runs.

To learn more about the safety net, which is supposed to protect large financial institutions and their creditors from failure and reduce "systemic risk" but may not do either, read the Richmond Fed's essay on the "too big to fail" problem in the "Our Perspective" series.

Third Quarter 2013

MBS Real Estate Investment Trusts: A Primer

Sabrina R. Pellerin, Steven Sabol and John R. Walter

Fourth Quarter 2012

Regulation and the Composition of CEO Pay

Arantxa Jarque and Brian Gaines

First Quarter 2010

Inside-Money Theory after Diamond and Dybvig

Ricardo de O. Cavalcanti

First Quarter 2010


Edward J. Green

First Quarter 2010

Monetary Theory and Electronic Money: Reflections on the Kenyan Experience

William Jack, Tavneet Suri and Robert Townsend

Spring 2006

Can Feedback from the Jumbo CD Market Improve Bank Surveillance?

R. Alton Gilbert, Andrew P. Meyer and Mark D. Vaughan

Nov/Dec, 1990

The Case for Interstate Branch Banking

David L. Mengle

Jul/Aug, 1984

A Review of Bank Performance in the Fifth District, 1983

F. Ward McCarthy, Jr.

Jul/Aug, 1977

Bank Capital Adequacy: Perspectives and Prospects

Bruce J. Summers

Sep/Oct, 1976

FDIC Policy Toward Bank Failures

Walter A. Varvel

January 2014, No. 14-01

Does Greater Inequality Lead to More Household Borrowing? New Evidence from Household Data

Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Marianna Kudlyak and John Mondragon

August 2013, No. 13-09R

Are Young Borrowers Bad Borrowers? (Revised June 2014)

Peter Debbaut, Andra C. Ghent and Marianna Kudlyak

May 2010, No. 10-10

Housing Default: Theory Works and So Does Policy

Allen C. Goodman and Brent C Smith

August 2009, No. 09-11

Are Harsh Penalties for Default Really Better?

Kartik B. Athreya, Xuan S. Tam and Eric R. Young

November 2006, No. 06-12

Market-Based Regulation and the Informational Content of Prices

Philip Bond, Itay Goldstein and Edward S. Prescott

July 2005, No. 05-5

Should the FDIC Worry about the FHLB? The Impact of Federal Home Loan Bank Advances on the Bank Insurance Fund

Rosalind L. Bennett, Mark D. Vaughan and Timothy J. Yeager

March 2004, No. 04-3

Bank Runs and Investment Decisions Revisited

Huberto M. Ennis and Todd Keister

January 2016, No. 16-01

Understanding the New Liquidity Coverage Ratio Requirements

Mark House, Tim Sablik and John R. Walter

December 2014, No. 14-12

Understanding Market Failure in the 2007-08 Crisis

Borys Grochulski and Wendy Morrison

December 2013, No. 13-12

How Risky Are Young Borrowers?

Peter Debbaut, Andra C. Ghent, Marianna Kudlyak and Jessie Romero

September 2012, No. 12-09

Can Orderly Liquidation Solve the Problems of Bailouts and Bankruptcies?

Betty Joyce Nash, Sabrina R. Pellerin and John R. Walter

March 2012, No. 12-03

Loan Loss Reserve Accounting and Bank Behavior

Eliana Balla, Morgan J. Rose and Jessie Romero

November 2009, No. 09-11

Rolling Back the Financial Safety Net

Robert L. Hetzel and Stephen Slivinski

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