Monetary History

We study the evolution of central banking, the historical development of monetary policy theories, and the implications of both for today's policymakers. Past articles have analyzed the Federal Reserve's previous policy actions and the actions of other central banks around the world.

Spring 1997

John Maynard Keynes

Milton Friedman

Jul/Aug, 1990

The EMU: Forerunners and Durability

Robert F. Graboyes

Mar/Apr, 1980

The Economics of Gold Price Movements

Peter A. Abken

November 2015, No. 15-13

Measurement Errors and Monetary Policy: Then and Now

Pooyan Amir-Ahmadi, Christian Matthes and Mu-Chun Wang

January 1978, No. 78-1

Federal Reserve Policy Strategy and Interest Rate Seasonality

Thomas A. Lawler

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