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Regional Economics

Regional economists based in Richmond, Charlotte, and Baltimore monitor and analyze economic trends in the Fifth District. Also, economists at the Bank have examined the effects of urban revitalization programs and trends in urban density, among other topics.


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Date Topic Speaker
February 6, 2015 US and Virginia Economic Outlook Ann Macheras
January 8, 2015 National and Regional Economic Outlook Rick Kaglic
November 13, 2014 Regional Economic Outlook Ann Macheras
October 2, 2014 U.S. Economic Outlook Andy Bauer
July 10, 2014 Is the Real Recovery Here at Last? Rick Kaglic
June 16, 2014 US and Virginia Economic Outlook Ann Macheras
May 28, 2014 National and Maryland Economic Outlook Andy Bauer
March 26, 2014 Which Way is the Economy Headed? Rick Kaglic
February 19, 2014 Developments in U.S. Energy Markets and the Implications for Future Growth Andy Bauer
January 24, 2014 South Carolina and U.S. Economic Outlook Rick Kaglic
December 4, 2013 U.S. and Regional Economic Outlook Andy Bauer
September 14, 2013 National and Regional Update Rick Kaglic
June 26, 2013 Baltimore City Housing Market Andy Bauer
September 18, 2013 US and Virginia Economic Outlook Ann Macheras
June 26, 2013 The Virginia Economy and the Nonprofit Sector Sonya Ravindranath Waddell
June 14, 2013 Workforce Development and Economic Growth Rick Kaglic
May 2, 2013 The Outlook Amidst Fiscal Uncertainty Rick Kaglic
March 19, 2013 U.S. Economic Outlook Andy Bauer
February 27, 2013 Virginia in the Global Economy: Current Trends and Outlook Ann Macheras
January 30, 2013 Fifth District Economic Outlook Rick Kaglic