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An Important Message

The Fed Experience is no longer accepting requests to visit.
If you are interested in a presentation about the Federal Reserve or the economy, you can Request A Speaker from the Richmond Fed. If you would like classroom resources about the Federal Reserve, visit our Resources and Programs page.

  • The Summer Camp games keep groups of kids engaged.

    1 of 6 Participate in activities that illustrate key economic concepts

  • Tours for the Fed Experience are for everyone. Here a large group of adults are given some information about the Fed's role in the economy.

    2 of 6 Learn about the history and role of the Federal Reserve

  • Summer camps are for kids of all kinds including Girl Scouts,

    3 of 6 Discover your connection to the economy

  • Tour group sizes can vary. Here a small group of adults experiences the Fed.

    4 of 6 Explore the U.S. economy over time and defining moments in history

  • The Fed Experience is an excellent place for a school field trip!

    5 of 6 Experience the type of work that the Fed does.

  • Summer camp activities teach kids about the economy through interactive games.

    6 of 6 Interact with knowledgeable Fed employees.

Learn About the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Learn about the economy and the Federal Reserve at our museum, The Fed Experience, located in downtown Richmond, Virginia. The Fed Experience is not only a field trip destination for school groups, but an educational opportunity for business, civic and other groups. Schedule a visit for your group today!

Baltimore and Charlotte locations

We do not have onsite museums and tours in Baltimore and Charlotte, but we do offer a one-hour interactive presentation to engage your students in learning about the Federal Reserve. Email our Education Department for available dates and times.

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The Fed Experience (804) 697-8110
Map showing location of The Fed Experience


701 E. Byrd Street, Richmond, VA 23219