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  • The Fed Experience

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  • The Fed Experience

    2 of 4 Learn about the history and role of the Federal Reserve

  • The Fed Experience

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  • The Fed Experience

    4 of 4 Explore the U.S. economy over time and defining moments in history

Come visit the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond!

Learn about the economy and the Federal Reserve at our museum, The Fed Experience, located in downtown Richmond, Virginia. The Fed Experience is not only a field trip destination for school groups, but an educational opportunity for business, civic and other groups. Schedule a visit for your group today!

Did You Know?

The Richmond Fed is located in the fifth Federal Reserve district and is one of 12 regional Reserve Banks. The Reserve Banks, along with the Board of Governors located in Washington, D.C., make up the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States.

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Map showing location of The Fed Experience


701 E. Byrd Street, Richmond, VA 23219


Looking for classroom resources related to economics, personal finance or the Federal Reserve? Look no further!