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The Fed Experience offers a variety of multimedia and hands-on exhibits to illustrate key economic and personal finance concepts such as markets, financial decision making, innovation, economic growth and price stability. The Fed Experience is designed for visitors of all ages, from middle school students learning the basics of economics to adults who wish to take a deeper dive into the Federal Reserve’s role in the economy.

  • The Fed Experience

    1 of 8 Discover how your choices affect our market-based economy and how the economy affects the choices available to you.

  • The Fed Experience

    2 of 8 Learn about the history of the Federal Reserve System and why Richmond was selected as a Reserve Bank location.

  • The Fed Experience

    3 of 8 Hear stories from real people about their connection to the economy and financial decisions they have made.

  • The Fed Experience

    4 of 8 Take on the role of buyers and sellers in this interactive game to experience how prices are set in markets.

  • The Fed Experience

    5 of 8 Explore how the standard of living in the U.S. has changed over time and how innovation has spurred many of these changes.

  • 6 of 8 Learn about the three core functions: monetary policy, supervision and regulation and financial services.

  • The Fed Experience

    7 of 8 Learn how stable prices affect your financial decisions and well-being and how the Federal Reserve promotes price stability.

  • The Fed Experience

    8 of 8 Watch video vignettes that represent the lessons learned from four defining periods in our economic history: the Great Depression, Great Inflation, Great Moderation and Great Recession.

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The health and safety of our employees and everyone who visits the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is our highest priority. As part of our pandemic response to coronavirus (COVID-19), and out of an abundance of caution, The Fed Experience museum will be closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience and will provide more information about reopening the exhibit in the weeks ahead.

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701 E. Byrd Street, Richmond, VA 23219