School Field Trips

High School

High school teachers can choose from two tour options:

Fed FUNdamentals

What does the Federal Reserve have to do with me? This tour explores the role of the Federal Reserve in the economy and its connection to the individual. Students hear about the history and structure of the Federal Reserve and participate in hands-on activities that illustrate key economic concepts such as price stability. 

College and Career Investigation

What path should I pursue after high school? This tour gets students thinking about life after high school and the path they might like to pursue. Students participate in activities that explore careers, post-secondary education options and the soft skills needed in the workplace.

In addition to a tour, high school teachers can register for a Fed Overview presentation. This presentation provides a deeper look at the Federal Reserve. The presentation is available as an add-on to your tour (an additional hour) or can be scheduled on a separate date at your school.

Middle School

This tour gets students thinking about their role in the economy and how their decisions impact the economy as a whole. Students will also learn about the Federal Reserve and its three primary responsibilities.

Elementary School

Tours are tailored to the grade level and aligned with Virginia SOL concepts. Students participate in activities that help bring concepts such as goods and services, barter and money to life. 

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Dates and Times Offered

Year-round, Monday through Thursday
10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Program Length: 1.5 hours

Audience:  K-12 school groups (20-50 students)

Map showing location of The Fed Experience

701 E. Byrd Street, Richmond, VA 23219


"Thank you so much for an excellent Fed Experience. Our students enjoyed the day and learned so much."

High School Teacher