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Our approach to understanding racial inequality is organized around our community development focus areas: access to credit, workforce development and regional economic differences.


A Tragic Reality

Aug. 3, 2020

Richmond Fed president Tom Barkin discusses racial inequality in the Fifth District and how the Richmond Fed is working to make a positive difference.

Tom Barkin
President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond


The Dropout Dilemma

Third Quarter 2014

Why do kids drop out of high school, and what can be done to help them finish?

Jessie Romero

Health and Justice


The Mortality Gap

Third/Fourth Quarter 2016

Life expectancy varies considerably across demographic groups.

Jessie Romero


A Level of Concern

First Quarter 2017

Poor and minority children disproportionately suffered the ravages of lead paint poisoning.

Jessie Romero


The High Point Initiative

Third Quarter 2013

One North Carolina city sought a different way of breaking up drug markets without contributing to the higher incarceration rate of black men

Jessie Romero