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Research and analysis on the drivers of economic outcomes in different communities


Bolstering Regional Economies

Second/Third Quarter 2021

Some policymakers, researchers, and commentators have expressed their belief that a concerted federal investment in technology, or in research and development, can help level the playing field nationwide and spur economic growth. But is it optimal for all localities to specialize in the same sorts of industries?

Neeraja Deshpande



Rural Entrepreneurship

May 11, 2022

Host Tim Sablik discusses his recent research on the value of entrepreneurs in the economic growth of rural places and small towns, as well as the obstacles that they face compared to more urban communities. Sablik also talks with Erika Bell and Laura Ullrich about what they have learned from their contacts in North Carolina and South Carolina about rural entrepreneurship. Bell is community development regional manager for the Carolinas and Ullrich is a regional economist in the Richmond Fed's Charlotte branch.


The Economics of Crime and Policing

Feb. 10, 2022

Ray Owens and Santiago Pinto discuss current trends in crime rates, the challenges of determining the extent of crime and its causes, and the impact of policing on crime rates. They also review research on racial bias in policing and the impact of police violence against Black citizens. Owens and Pinto are senior economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

Academic Research

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