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view of a rural location

Rural areas and small towns face a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

As part of our mission to strengthen our nation’s economy, we're committed to helping these communities and their residents reach their economic potential.

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Investing in Rural America

March 1, 2022

President Tom Barkin discusses critical investments to support rural economic development.

Tom Barkin
President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Rural Spotlight Series



The Pursuit of Data

July 27, 2022

Sierra Latham and Stephanie Norris discuss the challenges of collecting socioeconomic data on small towns and rural areas, how data analysts address them, and the value of that work in analyzing and improving the Richmond Fed's understanding of these communities.


Rural Entrepreneurship

May 11, 2022

Host Tim Sablik discusses his recent research on the value of entrepreneurs in the economic growth of rural places and small towns, as well as the obstacles that they face compared to more urban communities. Sablik also talks with Erika Bell and Laura Ullrich about what they have learned from their contacts in North Carolina and South Carolina about rural entrepreneurship. Bell is community development regional manager for the Carolinas and Ullrich is a regional economist in the Richmond Fed's Charlotte branch.

Academic Research

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