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Along with the other Reserve Banks and the Board of Governors, the Richmond Fed serves an important role in the payments system. We utilize our broad understanding of payments, technological expertise, and ability to forge strong partnerships with private and public sector participants.


A brief introduction to the Fed’s role in the payments system

Understanding Payments 

Features, reports, and other payments-related analysis from the Richmond Fed


Descriptions of the Fed’s payments services

Payments Law Reporter

This legal publication is published to coincide with meetings of the Payments Advisory Council of the Fifth Federal Reserve District, which presently meets three times a year.

Customer Information

Business continuity details, contacts for customer support, and other information for the Fed's payments services customers

Invitation to Participate in Federal Reserve Banks’ 2014 Payments Fraud Survey

The Richmond Fed is among Reserve Banks conducting a survey addressing payments-related fraud experiences of financial institutions and businesses.

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The Payments Law Reporter is published three times a year and provides regulatory and legal updates affecting payments.

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