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Publications that provide information and analysis that promote the public's understanding of the Bank and the Federal Reserve System, the economy of the Fifth Federal Reserve District, and economic policy issues and research.

Periodicals and special publications geared towards educating the public about economics and the functions, objectives and organization of the Federal Reserve System.

5E Navigator, Summer 2013

Nov. 6, 2013 | Publication

5E Navigator - Summer 2013

This issue provides information and tools to help manage student loan repayment.

Published by the Community Development Office of FRB Richmond, these publications profile community reinvestment opportunities, and programs and organizations that assist community and economic development projects.

5th District Footprint's latest issue

March 26, 2014 | Publication

EITC Usage in the Fifth District

Community Scope cover

Dec. 13, 2013 | Publication

Community Scope - Volume 3, Issue 2 2013

Foreclosure Crisis and Response: How Homeowners Fared in Reaching Out for Mortgage Assistance

Fifth District Footprint Cover

Nov. 18, 2013 | Publication

5th District Footprint - November 2013

This issue looks at patterns in population growth in the Fifth District between 2007 and 2012.

The Government Affairs office provides legislators and their staff timely information on our research and resources. It also provides a more in-depth view on the publications and activities we conduct throughout our region.


March 14, 2014 | Publication

eBrief - March 2014

This issue highlights President Lacker’s discussion on the economic models used to justify many of the Fed’s interventions during the 2007-08 financial crisis and the role of policy in such analysis, the Richmond Fed’s perspective on U.S. housing finance policy, and an article on how the Richmond Fed conducts its manufacturing and service sector surveys of businesses in the Fifth Federal Reserve District.


Feb. 21, 2014 | Publication

eBrief - February 2014

The issue highlights Richmond Fed President Jeff Lacker's speech on "The Path to Financial Stability" as well as articles covering a number of topics, including reform of money market mutual funds and the relationship between income inequality and household borrowing.


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