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Econ Focus (formerly Region Focus) is the economics magazine of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. It covers economic issues affecting the Fifth Federal Reserve District and the nation and is published on a quarterly basis by the Bank's Research Department.



Third Quarter 2013
Cover Story: Has College Become a Riskier Investment?
The payoff has become more uncertain — but you're probably still better off going

Second Quarter 2013
Cover Story: Sizing Up Currency Manipulation
The Chinese government may be holding down its currency to increase exports. But it's not clear what — if anything — the United States should do about it

First Quarter 2013
Cover Story: Drawing the Line
New measures of poverty illustrate just how hard it is to define who is poor

Fourth Quarter 2012
Cover Story: Putting Banks to the (Stress) Test
Will banks be ready for the next crisis?

Second/Third Quarter 2012
Cover Story: Where Have All the Workers Gone?
Why are more people leaving the labor force, and what are they doing?

First Quarter 2012
Cover Story: What We Don't Know About Innovation
We know innovation is important — but do we know how to make it happen?

Fourth Quarter 2011
Cover Story: American Made
The manufacturing sector is stronger than you might think — but new vulnerabilities are emerging

Third Quarter 2011
Cover Story: Why Aren't We Creating More Jobs?
Job growth usually rebounds quickly after a severe recession, but this time is different

Second Quarter 2011
Cover Story: Foreign Housing Finance
As America's unique mortgage finance system faces renovation, the approaches of other developed nations may provide some guidance

First Quarter 2011
Cover Story: What Drives Changes in Economic Thought?
Why economists study what they do — and how the crisis might change it

Fourth Quarter 2010
Cover Story: What Causes Recoveries?
How good policy and good luck can trigger the upward side of the business cycle

Third Quarter 2010
Cover Story: Fuzzy Math
Public pensions are underfunded — how bad is it?

Second Quarter 2010
Cover Story: Do Deficits Matter? And If So, How?
As fiscal imbalances increase, economists debate their effect on the macroeconomy

First Quarter 2010
Cover Story: The New Normal?
Economists ponder whether the "natural" rate of unemployment has risen.

Fall 2009
Cover Story: The Price is Right?
Has the financial crisis provided a fatal blow to the efficient market hypothesis?

Summer 2009
Cover Story: Measuring Quality of Life
How should we assess improvements to our standard of living?

Spring 2009
Cover Story: Reforming the Raters
Can regulatory reforms adequately realign the incentives of credit rating agencies?

Winter 2009
Cover Story: Know When to Fold 'Em
How the corporate bankruptcy system benefits and hinders the economy

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