Economic Review


Issue Title Author(s)
Nov/Dec 1978 Automatic Transfers from Savings to Checking: Perspective and Prospects J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr.
Nov/Dec 1978 Regulation Q and the Behavior of Savings and Small Time Deposits at Commercial Banks and the Thrift Institutions Timothy Q. Cook
Nov/Dec 1978 Correspondent Services, Federal Reserve Services, and Bank Cash Management Policy Bruce J. Summers
Sep/Oct 1978 The Implicit Deposit Rate Concept: Issues and Applications Michael A. Klein
Sep/Oct 1978 Honest Money Henry C. Wallich
Sep/Oct 1978 Managing Cash Assets: Operating Balances and Reserve Requirements Bruce J. Summers
Jul/Aug 1978 The Monetary Approach to Exchange Rates: Its Historical Evolution and Role in Policy Debates Thomas M. Humphrey
Jul/Aug 1978 Seasonal Movements in Short-Term Yield Spreads Thomas A. Lawler
Jul/Aug 1978 LIFO Inventory Accounting: Effects on Corporate Profits, Inventory-Sales Ratios, and Inventory Investment Walter A. Varvel
May/Jun 1978 District Enjoys Strong Income Growth Aubrey N. Snellings
May/Jun 1978 The Farm Income and Debt Situation in Perspective Sada L. Clarke
May/Jun 1978 The Cause of the Dollar Depreciation Robert L. Hetzel
Thomas A. Lawler
Mar/Apr 1978 Perspectives on Fifth District Banking: 1960-1976 Bruce J. Summers
Mar/Apr 1978 The Impact of Large Time Deposits on the Growth Rate of M2 Timothy Q. Cook
Mar/Apr 1978 Farm Financial and Credit Conditions Sada L. Clarke
Jan/Feb 1978 Business Forecasts 1978 Sandra D. Baker
Bruce J. Summers
Jan/Feb 1978 The Outlook for Agriculture in '78 Sada L. Clarke
Jan/Feb 1978 Short-Term Business Credit in the Recovery Bruce J. Summers
Jan/Feb 1978 Some Recent Developments in Phillips Curve Analysis Thomas M. Humphrey
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