Economic Review


Issue Title Author(s)
Nov/Dec 1983 The Behavior of the Spread between Treasury Bill Rates and Private Money Market Rates since 1978 Timothy Q. Cook
Thomas A. Lawler
Nov/Dec 1983 Empirical Comparisons of Credit and Monetary Aggregates Using Vector Autoregressive Methods Edward K. Offenbacher
Richard D. Porter
Nov/Dec 1983 Money, Credit, and Federal Reserve Policy: Reply to Porter and Offenbacher Benjamin M. Friedman
Nov/Dec 1983 Response to Friedman Edward K. Offenbacher
Richard D. Porter
Sep/Oct 1983 An Examination of Implicit Interest Rates on Demand Deposits Michael Dotsey
Sep/Oct 1983 Can the Central Bank Peg Real Interest Rates? A Survey of Classical and Neoclassical Opinion Thomas M. Humphrey
Jul/Aug 1983 Why Economic Data Should Be Handled with Care: The Case of the Suspiciously Slow Growth Statistic Roy H. Webb
Jul/Aug 1983 A Review of Bank Performance in the Fifth District, 1982 John R. Walter
May/Jun 1983 The Early History of the Real/Nominal Interest Rate Relationship Thomas M. Humphrey
May/Jun 1983 The Relationship between Money and Expenditure in 1982 Robert L. Hetzel
Mar/Apr 1983 A Historical Assessment of the Rationales and Functions of Reserve Requirements Marvin Goodfriend
Monica Hargraves
Jan/Feb 1983 Forecasts 1983 Roy H. Webb
Jan/Feb 1983 The 1983 Outlook for Agriculture Sada L. Clarke
Jan/Feb 1983 The Relationship between the Discount Rate and the Federal Funds Rate under the Federal Reserve's Post-October 6, 1979 Operating Procedure J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr.
Timothy Q. Cook
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