Economic Review


Issue Title Author(s)
Nov/Dec 1984 Base Drift and the Longer Run Growth of M1: Experience from a Decade of Monetary Targeting J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr.
Marvin Goodfriend
Nov/Dec 1984 A Monetarist Money Demand Function Robert L. Hetzel
Nov/Dec 1984 The Behavior of the M1 Demand Function in the Early 1980s Robert L. Hetzel
Sep/Oct 1984 An Investigation of Cash Management Practices and Their Effects on the Demand for Money Michael Dotsey
Sep/Oct 1984 Algebraic Quantity Equations before Fisher and Pigou Thomas M. Humphrey
Jul/Aug 1984 The Fed's Mandate: Help or Hindrance? Robert P. Black
Jul/Aug 1984 The Tax Effect, and the Recent Behaviors of the After-Tax Real Rate: Is It Too High? Yash P. Mehra
Jul/Aug 1984 A Review of Bank Performance in the Fifth District, 1983 F. Ward McCarthy, Jr.
May/Jun 1984 The Promises and Pitfalls of Contemporaneous Reserve Requirements for the Implementation of Monetary Policy Marvin Goodfriend
May/Jun 1984 On Nonneutral Relative Price Effects in Monetarist Thought: Some Austrian Misconceptions Thomas M. Humphrey
May/Jun 1984 Equalizing Regional Differences in Wages: A Study of Wages and Migration in the South and Other Regions William E. Cullison
Mar/Apr 1984 The Evolution of the Bank Regulatory Structure: A Reappraisal F. Ward McCarthy, Jr.
Mar/Apr 1984 The 1983 M1 Seasonal Factor Revisions: An Illustration of Problems That May Arise in Using Seasonally Adjusted Data for Policy Purposes Timothy Q. Cook
Jan/Feb 1984 Vector Autoregressions as a Tool for Forecast Evaluations Roy H. Webb
Jan/Feb 1984 Forecasts 1984 Roy H. Webb
Jan/Feb 1984 The Economic Outlook for Fifth District States in 1984: Forecasts from Vector Autoregression Models Anatoli Kuprianov
William M. Lupoletti
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