Economic Review


Issue Title Author(s)
Nov/Dec 1986 Options on Short-Term Interest Rate Futures Anatoli Kuprianov
Jan/Feb 1986 Japanese Monetary Policy, A Comparative Analysis Michael Dotsey
Nov/Dec 1986 Short-Term Municipal Securities John R. Walter
Sep/Oct 1986 Federal Funds: Instrument of Federal Reserve Policy Marvin Goodfriend
Sep/Oct 1986 Short-Term Interest Rate Futures Anatoli Kuprianov
Jul/Aug 1986 Treasury Bill versus Private Money Market Yield Curves Timothy Q. Cook
Thomas A. Lawler
Timothy D. Rowe
Jul/Aug 1986 Recent Financial Deregulation and the Interest Elasticity of M1 Demand Yash P. Mehra
Jul/Aug 1986 A Review of Bank Performance in the Fifth District, 1985 David L. Mengle
John R. Walter
May/Jun 1986 The Discount Window David L. Mengle
May/Jun 1986 The National Income and Product Accounts Roy H. Webb
May/Jun 1986 Cumulative Process Models from Thornton to Wicksell Thomas M. Humphrey
May/Jun 1986 The Industrial Mix of Employment in the Fifth District, 1950-1985 Christine Chmura
Mar/Apr 1986 An Analysis of Federal Reserve Pricing Anatoli Kuprianov
Mar/Apr 1986 Monetary Policy in the Early 1980s Robert L. Hetzel
Mar/Apr 1986 Real Budget Deficit Implications of Gramm-Rudman-Hollings William G. Dewald
Jan/Feb 1986 Thrift Competition: Does It Matter? Donald L. Welker
Jan/Feb 1986 A Weekly Rational Expectations Model of the Nonborrowed Reserve Operating Procedure Marvin Goodfriend
Jan/Feb 1986 The Agricultural Outlook for 1986 . . . Continued Financial Weakness Seen Raymond E. Owens
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