Economic Review


Issue Title Author(s)
Nov/Dec 1987 The Irrelevance of Tests for Bias in Series of Macroeconomic Forecasts Roy H. Webb
Nov/Dec 1987 Money Growth Volatility and High Nominal Interest Rates Yash P. Mehra
Sep/Oct 1987 The Fed's Anti-Inflationary Strategy: Is it Adequate? Robert P. Black
Sep/Oct 1987 The Case for Rules in the Conduct of Monetary Policy: A Concrete Example Bennett T. McCallum
Sep/Oct 1987 The Australian Money Market and the Operations of the Reserve Bank of Australia Michael Dotsey
Jul/Aug 1987 Henry Thornton: Seminal Monetary Theorist and Father of the Modern Central Bank Robert L. Hetzel
Jul/Aug 1987 Classical and Neoclassical Roots of The Theory of Optimum Tariffs Thomas M. Humphrey
Jul/Aug 1987 A Review of Bank Performance in the Fifth District, 1986 David L. Mengle
John R. Walter
May/Jun 1987 Swiss and United States Monetary Policy: Has Monetarism Failed? George Rich
May/Jun 1987 The Effect of Exchange Rate Variation on U.S. Textile and Apparel Imports Christine Chmura
May/Jun 1987 Cost Dispersion and the Measurement of Economies in Banking David B. Humphrey
May/Jun 1987 An Overview of Agricultural Policy . . . Past, Present, and Future Raymond E. Owens
Mar/Apr 1987 The Theory of Multiple Expansion of Deposits: Why it is and Whence it Came Thomas M. Humphrey
Mar/Apr 1987 The Equilibrium Approach to Exchange Rates Alan C. Stockman
Mar/Apr 1987 IPC or Total Deposits? There Is a Difference! Donald L. Welker
Jan/Feb 1987 Intraday Credit: Risk, Value, and Pricing David B. Humphrey
David L. Mengle
Bruce J. Summers
Jan/Feb 1987 Repurchase and Reverse Repurchase Agreements Stephen A. Lumpkin
Jan/Feb 1987 The Agricultural Outlook for 1987 . . . Financial Turnaround Unlikely Raymond E. Owens
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