Economic Review

This bi-monthly journal is no longer published and has been replaced by Economic Quarterly. Back issues from Jan./Feb. 1974 to Nov./Dec. 1992 are available online under the tabs below.

Issue Title Author(s)
Nov/Dec 1990 The Case for Interstate Branch Banking David L. Mengle
Nov/Dec 1990 Ricardo Versus Thornton on the Appropriate Monetary Response to Supply Shocks Thomas M. Humphrey
Nov/Dec 1990 Credit Controls: 1980 Stacey L. Schreft
Sep/Oct 1990 Interest Rate Expectations and the Slope of the Money Market Yield Curve Timothy Q. Cook
Thomas K. Hahn
Sep/Oct 1990 The Macroeconomic Effects of Government Spending Ching-Sheng Mao
Sep/Oct 1990 Why do Estimates of Bank Scale Economies Differ? David B. Humphrey
Jul/Aug 1990 Reflections on the Strategy of Monetary Policy Robert P. Black
Jul/Aug 1990 The EMU: Forerunners and Durability Robert F. Graboyes
Jul/Aug 1990 A Yankee Recipe for a EuroFed Omelet Robert F. Graboyes
Jul/Aug 1990 Fifth District Bank Performance 1989 John R. Walter
Donald L. Welker
Jul/Aug 1990 Real Output and Unit Labor Costs as Predictors of Inflation Yash P. Mehra
May/Jun 1990 Fisherian and Wicksellian Price-Stabilization Models in the History of Monetary Thought Thomas M. Humphrey
May/Jun 1990 Free Enterprise and Central Banking in Formerly Communist Countries Robert L. Hetzel
May/Jun 1990 Is Saving Too Low in the United States? William E. Cullison
Mar/Apr 1990 Reforming Deposit Insurance: Lessons from the Savings and Loan Crisis Michael Dotsey
Anatoli Kuprianov
Mar/Apr 1990 Takeovers and Stock Price Volatility Jeffrey M. Lacker
John A. Weinberg
Mar/Apr 1990 A Mandate for Price Stability Robert L. Hetzel
Mar/Apr 1990 Maintaining Price Stability: A Proposal Robert L. Hetzel
Jan/Feb 1990 In Support of Price Stability Robert P. Black
Jan/Feb 1990 The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond: Governor Seay and the Issues of the Early Years James Parthemos
Jan/Feb 1990 The Lender of Last Resort: Alternative Views and Historical Experience Michael D. Bordo
Issue Title Author(s)
Nov/Dec 1989 Estimating Intertemporal Elasticity of Substitution Ching-Sheng Mao
Nov/Dec 1989 Labor Market Data Roy H. Webb
William Whelpley
Nov/Dec 1989 Economic Review: Top Performing Small Banks: Making Money the Old-Fashioned Way Benton E. Gup
John R. Walter
Sep/Oct 1989 Some Further Results on the Source of Shift in M1 Demand in the 1980s Yash P. Mehra
Sep/Oct 1989 M2 and Monetary Policy Robert L. Hetzel
Sep/Oct 1989 The Changing Labor Force: Some Provocative Findings William E. Cullison
Sep/Oct 1989 Changes in Manufacturing Employment in North Carolina Counties, 1980-85 Christine Chmura
Jane Ihrig
Jul/Aug 1989 Precursors of the P-Star Model Thomas M. Humphrey
Jul/Aug 1989 The U.S. Productivity Slowdown: What the Experts Say William E. Cullison
Jul/Aug 1989 Macroeconomic Price Indexes Roy H. Webb
Rob Willemse
May/Jun 1989 The Future of Deposit Insurance: An Analysis of the Alternatives Anatoli Kuprianov
David L. Mengle
May/Jun 1989 Fifth District Banks' Return on Assets: Highest in Decade John R. Walter
Donald L. Welker
May/Jun 1989 Market Responses to Pricing Fedwire Daylight Overdrafts David B. Humphrey
Mar/Apr 1989 Banking Under Changing Rules: The Fifth District Since 1970 David L. Mengle
Mar/Apr 1989 Lender of Last Resort: The Concept in History Thomas M. Humphrey
Mar/Apr 1989 Improving America's Competitiveness H. Robert Heller
Mar/Apr 1989 An Examination of International Trade Data in the 1980s Michael Dotsey
Jan/Feb 1989 Determinants of the Federal Funds Rate: 1979-1982 Timothy Q. Cook
Jan/Feb 1989 Monetary Aggregates: A User's Guide John R. Walter
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