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Winter 2005

bank branch

Cover Story

Branch Bonanza

They cost a lot, but customers can't get enough of them. Why bank branches won't go away.


The Conference Shuttle

The Atlantic Coast Conference set off a wave of league swaps. Despite the outcry, it shouldn't have surprised anyone.

Sink or Swim

Fifth District coastal ports must continue to expand to remain competitive.
Web Exclusive: Land, Ho!
Web Exclusive: A Shipping Visionary

Shame and Bankruptcy

The number of Americans filing for bankruptcy protection has surged fivefold in two decades. A Richmond Fed economist challenges the conventional wisdom that declining stigma is at the root of the increase.

Hard Times

North Carolina's northeast counties are among the poorest in the nation. Can they reverse course?

Happy Trails

Horse are used more for pleasure than business, but they still have a place in Fifth District agriculture.
Web Exclusive: Mules Are Equines Too


Department Article Additional Resources

Does Deregulation Undermine Stability?

Federal Reserve

Inflation Targeting

Web Exclusive: Could an Inflation Targeting Policy Handle Shocks to the Economy?

Jargon Alert

Sunk Cost

Research Spotlight

Is Good Journalism Good Business?

Short Takes News From Around the District

Frank Sloan

Economic History The Border Line and the Bottom Line: The Economics of Municipal Annexation
Book Review

The New Division of Labor: How Computers Are Creating the Next Job Market

Legislative Update

Big Changes for Regional Manufacturing and Tobacco Sectors

District State Economic Conditions

The Broken Window Fallacy

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