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Econ Focus (formerly Region Focus) is the economics magazine of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. It covers economic issues affecting the Fifth Federal Reserve District and the nation and is published on a quarterly basis by the Bank's Research Department.

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Spring 2007

School Girl

Cover Story

Academic Alternatives

The theory of school choice sounds great, but it remains controversial. Now, evidence from programs like the one in Milwaukee is beginning to move the discussion from the theoretical to the practical.
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Ask the Market

Companies are leading the way in the use of prediction markets. The public sector may soon follow
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Grinding Gears

The jobs bank program has provided greater job security for unionized workers at the Big Three automakers, but at the expense of greater flexibility in labor markets
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Trading Spaces

Conservation efforts get a boost from the market
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A Question of Money

Does money still matter for monetary policy?
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Decoding Messages From The Yield Curve

What does the recent inversion imply for banks in the Fifth District and beyond?


Department Article Additional Resources
President's Message

Lessons of the Phillips Curve

Federal Reserve

The Evolution of Fed Communications
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Jargon Alert


Research Spotlight

Global Warming and American Agriculture

Policy Update

Interest Rate on Loans to Soldiers Capped

Around the Fed

Taxing Questions

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W. Kip Viscusi

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Economic History

Opening the Vault

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Book Review

The Disposable American: Layoffs and Their Consequences

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The Not-So-Dismal Science

The Strategist: The Live and Times of Thomas Schelling

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In Praise of Theory

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