Data & Results – Q1 2021

Apr. 7, 2021

CFOs Report Optimism About Economic Growth

CFOs and other financial decision-makers are increasingly optimistic about strong U.S. economic prospects for 2021.

Revisions to The CFO Survey Data

CFO Survey data from Q2 2020 to Q4 2023 have been revised in accordance with an annual revision process. Revised historical data are available for download. Comparisons of revised and previously published estimates are also available.

Historical special question results are unrevised and available on archived quarterly results pages.

For more information on the annual data revision process, please refer to The CFO Survey Methodology.

  • Special Question on Fiscal Stimulus

    In response to a special question on anticipated effects of the recent fiscal relief plan for their business, 76 percent of firms expected no impact on employment, 65 percent expected no impact on prices, 55 percent expected no impact on total wages, and 53 percent expected no impact on revenue. Most of the rest of the firms expected the relief package to “somewhat” increase those variables.

    For additional discussion of these results, visit our Research & Commentary section.
    Note: Data reflect results for 343 to 344 U.S. firms responding to the Q1 2021 survey (March 15–26, 2021).

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