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Issue Title Author(s)
Fall 2008 Introduction to the New Keynesian Phillips Curve Andreas Hornstein
Fall 2008 The Phillips Curve and U.S. Macroeconomic Policy: Snapshots, 1958-1996 Robert G. King
Fall 2008 The New Keynesian Phillips Curve: Lessons From Single-Equation Econometric Estimation James M. Nason
Gregor W. Smith
Fall 2008 DSGE Model-Based Estimation of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve Frank Schorfheide
Fall 2008 Policy Implications of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé
Martín Uribe
Summer 2008 New Keynesian Economics: A Monetary Perspective Stephen D. Williamson
Summer 2008 Nominal Frictions, Relative Price Adjustment, and the Limits to Monetary Policy Alexander L. Wolman
Summer 2008 Understanding Monetary Policy Implementation Huberto M. Ennis
Todd Keister
Summer 2008 CEO Compensation: Trends, Market Changes, and Regulation Arantxa Jarque
Spring 2008 Limits to Redistribution and Intertemporal Wedges: Implications of Pareto Optimality with Private Information Borys Grochulski
Spring 2008 On the Sources of Movements in Inflation Expectations: A Few Insights from a VAR Model Yash P. Mehra
Christopher Herrington
Spring 2008 What is the Monetary Standard, Or, How Did the Volcker-Greenspan FOMCs Tame Inflation? Robert L. Hetzel
Spring 2008 On the Evolution of Income Inequality in the United States Kevin A. Bryan
Leonardo Martinez
Winter 2008 Should Bank Supervisors Disclose Information About Their Banks? Edward S. Prescott
Winter 2008 Credit Access, Labor Supply, and Consumer Welfare Kartik B. Athreya
Winter 2008 Antitrust Analysis in Banking: Goals, Methods, and Justifications in a Changed Environment John R. Walter
Patricia E. Wescott
Winter 2008 A Quantitative Study of the Role of Wealth Inequality on Asset Prices Juan Carlos Hatchondo
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