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Panel Composition

The map and charts below illustrate the geographic, sectoral, and firm size (number of employees) composition of The CFO Survey panel's 2,200 members as of June 3, 2024. We will update these graphics with each quarterly data release to provide an updated snapshot of panel characteristics.

Map of the United States showing the geographic distribution of panel members in the CFO Survey.

Become a Panel Member

Recent events have changed the nature and conduct of business globally. To make sound policy decisions in a shifting landscape, our policymakers look to business leaders to learn more about their expectations, the challenges they face, and their overall view of economy. Now more than ever, input from business decision-makers will be key to our understanding of the path forward. We hope you will consider lending your voice to this important work.

If you are interested in joining a diverse group of businesses that provide deeper insight into economic conditions, please contact Grace Guynn.

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Why should my business participate?

Your feedback will provide policymakers with timely "on the ground" perspectives and will enable you to communicate the issues and challenges that affect your business. The survey takes only 6-8 minutes to complete each quarter. This minimal time investment will yield big returns. 

Sample Survey Questionnaire

I don’t have the title of CFO. Can I participate?

Yes, if you are well-placed to assess your firm’s individual outlook in the context of the broader economy, we would value your input to the survey. In addition to chief financial officers, The CFO Survey panel includes owner‐operators, vice presidents and directors of finance, accountants, controllers, treasurers, and other financial decision-makers with an intimate understanding of their firm’s financial situation, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across all major industries.

How is the response data used?

We aggregate the data to produce reports for policymakers and members of The CFO Survey panel. Each quarter, we will publicly release a survey summary report and post it on this website. We place a high priority on protecting your information. We will never publish any contact information, company information, or individual response data. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy.

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