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Applications & Membership


We handle requests from bank holding companies, state member banks, foreign organizations and individuals to form a bank holding company, acquire a bank or a controlling interest in a banking organization, engage in certain non-bank activities, merge with another bank or establish branches.

Federal Reserve Membership

More than one-third of U.S. commercial banks are members of the Federal Reserve System. National banks must be members; state chartered banks may join by meeting certain requirements.

  • Application Types

    Application Types

    The link provides a general description of the filing, the publication requirements, the form to be submitted, the processing time frame, and the relevant statutory factors associated with that type of proposal.

  • De Novo branches

    Establishing a De Novo Branch

    A state member bank must file an application with this Reserve Bank and the appropriate State authority to establish a de novo branch or new banking office.  The applicant should submit to the Reserve Bank: a cover letter that includes the street address of the branch or a description of the physical location if a street address has not been assigned; a copy of the newspaper notice; and a copy of the State filing. It is essential that we receive the cover letter and newspaper notices within one week of publication or you may be required to republish the notice. In addition, you should request an affidavit of publication from each newspaper and forward to us upon receipt.

  • E-Filing

    Electronic Application Submission

    The Federal Reserve System offers a web-based application that allows banking institutions and their agents a secure method to submit applications via the Internet.  This online process supplements the current paper-based submission process.  Some of the benefits of electronic filing include:

    • Savings – reduce mailing and copying costs
    • Speed – transmit banking applications and subsequent documents in real time
    • Ease of use – submit documents online directly from your computer
    • Verification – instantly confirm that your application or subsequent documents were submitted

    For more information on electronic filing, including how to sign up and contact information, go to

  • Request Copies

    Request Copies

    Copies of banking applications may be requested from the Reserve Bank. Requests must be made in writing, via mail or by facsimile, or by e-mail. Please note a fee for copies may be charged. Requests should be forwarded to:

    Ivy Carter
    Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
    P. 0. Box 27622
    Richmond, VA 23261
    Fax: (804)697-4021
    Phone: (804)697-8826

  • Where to Send

    Where to Send Applications/Notices or Request Public Information

    Adam M. Drimer
    Assistant Vice President
    Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
    P.O. Box 27622
    Richmond, VA 23261

    Parcel Delivery:
    Adam M. Drimer
    Assistant Vice President
    Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
    FRBR Warehouse
    2050 Magnolia Street
    Richmond, VA 23223

  • Public Comments

    Commenting on an Application

    Parties wanting to comment on banking applications must submit their comments in writing, via mail, facsimile, or email. Comments must be received by the Reserve Bank on or before the last day of the public comment period. Comments should be forwarded to:

    Adam M. Drimer
    Assistant Vice President
    Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
    P. 0. Box 27622
    Richmond, VA 23261
    Fax: (804)697-4021

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