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logo which reads "District Dialogues: hosted by the Richmond Fed"

The District Dialogues series provides a public forum for community members to engage with local, regional and national experts on economic issues facing the Richmond Fed’s region and beyond.






Addressing the Wealth Gap


District Dialogues Explores the Wealth Gap

The Richmond Fed recently engaged a panel of experts on the causes of the nation’s Black-White income and wealth gaps and some potential solutions for resolving these disparities.

Human Capital Decisions and the Future of Work


Human Capital Decisions and the Future of Work

Renee Haltom reflects on key insights from a panel discussion at the District Dialogues event on Feb. 8, 2022. Panelists talked about how the nature of work and the skills required of workers have changed, and how workers and employers have responded to those changes. Haltom is a vice president and regional executive at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, and hosted the event.


Increasing Digital Access

Economists, policymakers, funders and practitioners discussed ways to increase broadband access, and enhance the virtual experience for students and teachers.


After High School and Connecting People to Jobs

Educators at community colleges and four-year institutions provide perspectives on keeping students engaged and helping them find their own path to the workforce. Community and business leaders continue the conversation by sharing strategies for connecting students and workers to in-demand jobs.