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The Collaboration of Research Economists (CORE) model is designed to advance research and collaboration in the economics profession. Learn more in this video from Richmond Fed Research Director Kartik Athreya.



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April 13, 2022

Women in Economics: Advancing Together

Arantxa Jarque and Daniela Scidá share the challenges faced by women in the economics profession and the progress that the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond has made in addressing them. Jarque is a senior policy economist in the Richmond Fed's Research department and Scida is a financial economist and manager in the Bank's Quantitative Supervision and Research group.

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Highlights from Past Events

  • Kartik Athreya

    1 of 22 Kartik Athreya welcoming economists to CORE Week.

  • Serdar Ozkan

    2 of 22 Serdar Ozkan presenting “Why Are the Wealthiest So Wealthy?”

  • Zhen Huo

    3 of 22 Zhen Huo presenting “Information Frictions in Global Value Chains: Implications for the International Transmission of Shocks.”

  • Peter Q. Blair

    4 of 22 Dr. Peter Q. Blair presenting "Occupational Licensing and the Digital Economy."

  • Katarina Borovickova

    5 of 22 Katarina Borovickova presenting “Consistent Evidence on Duration Dependence of Price Changes."

  • Ana Babus

    6 of 22 Ana Babus presenting "The Anatomy of Financial Innovation."

  • Elisa Giannone

    7 of 22 Elisa Giannone presenting during the Fall Research Workshop.

  • the audience at the Fall Research Workshop

    8 of 22 A captive audience at the Fall Research Workshop.

  • Collaboration at a table during CORE week

    9 of 22 CORE Week provides a great opportunity for discussion and collaboration.

  • Fernando Alvarez

    10 of 22 Fernando Alvarez presenting a lecture titled “Mean Field Games.”

  • Hugo Hopenhayn

    11 of 22 Hugo Hopenhayn presenting “Big Push in Distorted Economies.”

  • Chen Yeh

    12 of 22 Chen Yeh presenting “Monopsony in the U.S. Labor Market.”

  • Randall Wright

    13 of 22 Randall Wright presenting “Toxic Assets and Market Freezes.”

  • Bruno Saltanum

    14 of 22 Bruno Sultanum presenting “Is Money Essential?”

  • Daniela Puzzello

    15 of 22 Daniela Puzzello presenting “Bargaining Under Liquidity Constraints: Nash vs. Kalai in the Laboratory.”

  • Sarah Zubairy presenting her paper

    16 of 22 Sarah Zubairy presenting “Public Pension Reforms and Retirement Decisions: Narrative Evidence and Aggregate Implications”

  • Christian Wolf presenting his paper

    17 of 22 Christian Wolf presenting “Interest rate cuts vs. stimulus payments: An equivalence result”

  • Tom Winberry presenting his paper

    18 of 22 Tom Winberry presenting “The Minimum Wage in the Short Run and the Long Run”

  • Pascal Noel presents his paper.

    19 of 22 Pascal Noel presenting “Spending and Job Search Impacts of Expanded Unemployment Benefits”

  • Women in Economics: Advancing Together collaboration session

    20 of 22 Women in Economics: Advancing Together collaboration session

  • Isaac Baley presenting his paper

    21 of 22 Isaac Baley presenting “The Macroeconomics of Partial Irreversibility”

  • Ali Shourideh presenting his paper

    22 of 22 Ali Shourideh presenting “Inequality, Redistribution and Optimal Trade Policy: A Public Finance Approach”