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Past Conference

Woman making  a presentation CORE Week logo displays
Mon., Nov. 15, 2021 - Fri., Nov. 19, 2021

CORE Week, featuring the Fall Research Workshop

The Collaboration of Research Economists (CORE) model combines frontier research and an innovative delivery method to advance collaboration within the economics profession.

The CORE model consists of eight CORE Weeks per year. During each week, visiting economists from a range of disciplines will join with Richmond Fed economists for seminars, conferences, and formal and informal networking and collaboration—all with an eye toward advancing economic research. 

Learn more about the CORE Week model in this video from Richmond Fed Research Director Kartik Athreya.

The inaugural CORE week in November featured leading economists whose generous sharing of expertise provided an opportunity for the Bank’s researchers and invited guests to learn about and collaborate on some of the latest findings in economics. The agenda from the week is outlined below. Hear more about what our visiting economists had to say about their CORE Week experience:

Video is temporarily unavailable.

In addition to a series of seminars, the week included the Fall Research Workshop, a joint workshop between the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, the University of Virginia and Duke University. Learn more about the Fall Research Workshop in this Economic Brief.


  • Kartik Athreya

    1 of 9 Kartik Athreya welcoming economists to CORE Week.

  • Serdar Ozkan

    2 of 9 Serdar Ozkan presenting “Why Are the Wealthiest So Wealthy?”

  • Zhen Huo

    3 of 9 Zhen Huo presenting “Information Frictions in Global Value Chains: Implications for the International Transmission of Shocks.”

  • Peter Q. Blair

    4 of 9 Dr. Peter Q. Blair presenting "Occupational Licensing and the Digital Economy."

  • Katarina Borovickova

    5 of 9 Katarina Borovickova presenting “Consistent Evidence on Duration Dependence of Price Changes."

  • Ana Babus

    6 of 9 Ana Babus presenting "The Anatomy of Financial Innovation."

  • Elisa Giannone

    7 of 9 Elisa Giannone presenting during the Fall Research Workshop.

  • the audience at the Fall Research Workshop

    8 of 9 A captive audience at the Fall Research Workshop.

  • Collaboration at a table during CORE week

    9 of 9 CORE Week provides a great opportunity for discussion and collaboration.


Katarina Borovickova
New York University
Ana Babus
Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Peter Blair
Harvard University, Assistant Professor of Education
Serdar Ozkan
University of Toronto
Zhen Huo
Yale University


Future CORE Weeks


  • December 13-17


  • March 21 – March 25
  • May 9 – May 13
  • June 21 – June 24
  • August 1 – August 5
  • September 26 – September 30
  • November 7 – November 10
  • December 12 – December 16

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