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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Federal Reserve and its 12 regional Reserve Banks.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (Richmond Fed)

Richmond Fed careers, roles, expertise, governance and other information

  • Careers
  • Who We Are
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Expertise and Information

Federal Reserve

The governing board and 12 regional Reserve Banks

  • Structure and Role
    • Board of Governors
    • Reserve Banks
    • FOMC and Monetary Policy
  • History

Banking and Financial Services, Payments

Banking supervision, financial information and payments

  • Banking supervision
  • Financial Services
  • Payments

Consumer Information

Banking accounts, checks and credit cards, and other information

  • Banking Accounts and Credit Cards
  • Check Use and Processing

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver attributes, and the gold standard

  • Gold and Silver Attributes
  • The Gold Standard

Treasury Bonds and Securities, Foreign Exchange

Information on savings bonds and securities; foreign exchange

  • U.S. Treasury Bills/Notes/Bonds
    Information on savings bonds and Treasury securities by consumer group
  • Foreign Exchange
    Rates and currency information

Coin and Currency

Production, circulation and attributes of notes, bills and coins, history

  • Making and Using Coin and Currency
  • Attributes and History


Analysis and statistics on the economy

  • Economic Indicators
  • Statistics