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For teachers, students, journalists and the general public -- here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Federal Reserve System, central banking, monetary policy, the financial industry and other subjects of interest to consumers.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 

Learn more about job opportunities, office locations, tours, teacher and student resources (shredded money), educational activities and Board of Directors.

Federal Reserve System

History and facts about the structure and role of the governing board and its 12 district Banks.

Federal Reserve Banks

Learn more about the operating arms of the central banking system.

Currency & Coin

Find out the history of notes, bills and coins, information about collections and more.

Monetary Policy

Learn about the open market and the role of the Fed in driving stability in our nation's financial system.

Gold & Silver

Find out about gold and silver's value and a history of the gold standard.


Learn more about the open market and monetary policy-making body of the Federal Reserve System.

Board of Governors

Information about the central, governmental body of the Federal Reserve System.

Banking Information

Helpful facts about banks, bank operations, regulations and links to resources about banks and banking.

Interest Rates

Understand the role interest rates play in our economy and the role of the Fed in establishing the discount, short-term borrowing window.

Treasury Bills/Notes/Bonds

Find out about savings bonds and Treasury securities.

Consumer Issues & Information

Resources about credit, privacy rights, checks and accounts.

Economic Indicators & Statistics

Make sense of common economic terms and find statistics about the economy.

Foreign Exchange

Get information about exchange rates and the Euro.