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Doing Business with the Bank

Doing Business with the Bank

The Bank's procurement functions strive to deliver premier procurement services that improve value, reduce cost and meet the rapidly evolving needs of our business and customers. We believe a diverse pool of high-performing suppliers leads to increased competition, greater innovation and better overall solutions.

Procurement Functions

The Bank conducts procurements through local, national and information technology procurement functions, resulting in the best overall value in goods and services for the Bank.

Procurement Guidelines

The Bank follows procurement guidelines designed to produce fair competition and the best overall value.

Products and Services

A representative sample of products and services that the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond typically procures.

Supplier Requirements

The Bank considers a number of criteria when determining whether a supplier is a good fit for a particular procurement requirement.

Register as a Supplier

The Bank seeks to do business with a diverse pool of highly qualified suppliers that can deliver the best overall solutions for its requirements. The first step in positioning yourself to do business with us is to register through our online registration portal.

Supplier Diversity

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is committed to strengthening the economy and improving our communities, and supplier diversity plays a critical role in how we do that. We provide access and opportunity to diverse suppliers to participate in procurement and contracting processes throughout the Bank’s supply chain.

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Procurement Services

To be considered for the Bank's local and information technology procurements or the NPO's national procurements, please use the self-registration tool.