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Staff Economists

Research Publications

Long-Term Consultants

headshot of Mark Bils

Mark Bils

University of Rochester
headshot of Boyan Jovanovic

Boyan Jovanovic

New York University
headshot of Ricardo Reis

Ricardo Reis

London School of Economics
headshot of Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

University of Chicago
headshot of Nobuhiro Kiyotaki

Nobuhiro Kiyotaki

Princeton University
headshot of Mark Watson

Mark W. Watson

Princeton University

Research Associates

This team helps Research department economists with their work, including academic papers and policy memos to brief the Bank's president on the state of the economy. Read the brochure to learn more about the Richmond Fed's Research Associate program.

(Please note that the Quantitative Supervision and Research group in the Supervision Regulation and Credit department also hires research assistants to perform similar work, but with an exclusive focus in banking. The SRC positions are located in Baltimore and Charlotte, while the Research Department positions are located in Richmond.)

Past Staff and Contributors