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Econ Focus is the economics magazine of the Richmond Fed. This publication covers economic issues affecting the Fifth Federal Reserve District and the nation.

Based on staff economists’ research, this non-technical series of articles covers current economic issues and trends every month.

Papers written by Richmond Fed economists representing work prepared for later publication or presentation to professional meetings.

Regional Matters examines local, regional and national data that matter to the Fifth District economy and our communities.

Our Macro Minute blog explores the numbers behind the headlines on the national economy.

Learn about the issues that the Richmond Fed is exploring in this podcast. Hear from economists and other experts from our Bank and beyond.

Marvin Goodfriend: Economist and Central Banker


Alex Wolman and Robert King reflect on the life and legacy of Marvin Goodfriend. Throughout his career, Goodfriend wrote a number of influential papers on monetary policy and played a key role in the development of the Richmond Fed's Research Department.

Explore a collection of Goodfriend's research here. Goodfriend (1950-2019) was a senior vice president and policy advisor in the Research Department from 1993-2005 and director of research from 1993-1999.

Duke University and the Federal Reserve Banks of Richmond and Atlanta conduct this quarterly survey to gather insights from financial decision makers on their outlook.