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Econ Focus

Econ Focus is the economics magazine of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. This publication covers economic issues affecting the Fifth Federal Reserve District and the nation.

Economic Brief

Based on staff economists’ research, this non-technical series of articles covers current economic issues and trends every month.

Working Papers

Papers written by Richmond Fed economists representing work prepared for later publication or presentation to professional meetings.

Richmond Fed Research Digest

This mid-year annual brings the externally published work of Research Department economists together in one place. It includes brief summaries, full citations, and links to the original work.

Speaking of the Economy

Learn about the issues that the Richmond Fed is exploring in this podcast. Hear from our economists and experts in community development and economic education.

Retired Publications

Annual Report

The full report is no longer published as of 2019. The Bank's financial statements continue to be available on the Board of Governors' website.

Economic Quarterly

This journal contained articles on monetary theory and policy, banking and finance, and the payment system.

Working at the Workshop

Research Workshop, April 2021

Economic Brief summarizes research presented by Richmond Fed, University of Virginia and Duke University economists at semi-annual workshop.

Regional Matters

Regional Matters examines local, regional and national data that matter to the Fifth District economy and our communities.

Economic Impact of COVID-19

Analysis of the national and regional economic impacts of the novel coronavirus and steps taken to contain the COVID-19 outbreak

Treasury-Federal Reserve Accord

Background information on the Treasury-Federal Reserve Accord, biographies of significant people involved with the historic agreement, related economic data, and references for further research.

Instruments of the Money Market

This publication describes the major money market instruments and the institutional arrangements of the markets in which these instruments are traded.