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Working Papers

These papers are written by Richmond Fed economists, in some cases in collaboration with outside economists. They represent work prepared for later publication or presentation to professional meetings. They are circulated in this series for purposes of discussion and comment.

April 2019, No. 19-10

Francesca Loria, Christian Matthes and Donghai Zhang

February 2019, No. 19-05

Kartik B. Athreya, Felicia Ionescu, Urvi Neelakantan and Ivan Vidangos

February 2019, No. 19-04

Grey Gordon and Pablo Guerron-Quintana

February 2019, No. 19-03R

Bin Grace Li, James McAndrews and Zhu Wang

February 2019, No. 19-02

Douglas Davis, Oleg Korenok, Peter Norman, Bruno Sultanum and Randall Wright

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