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Speaking of the Economy

Speaking of the Economy is the podcast of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. In each episode, we'll hear from the Richmond Fed's economists and other experts at the Bank and in the communities we serve about the economic issues they are exploring.

Latest Episodes

Matt Martin
August 10, 2022

What’s Happening in Our Region’s Economy? A Focus on the Carolinas

Matt Martin provides an update on economic conditions in North Carolina and South Carolina, based on his recent conversations with local business contacts and analysis of the data. Martin is the regional executive based at the Richmond Fed's Charlotte office.

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a world of data
July 27, 2022

The Pursuit of Data

Sierra Latham and Stephanie Norris discuss the challenges of collecting socioeconomic data on small towns and rural areas, how data analysts address them, and the value of that work in analyzing and improving the Richmond Fed's understanding of these communities. Latham and Norris are senior research analysts on the Regional and Community Analysis team.

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person researching climate change risks
July 20, 2022

Climate Change and Financial Markets

Toan Phan discusses the current state of research on climate economics and how the effects of climate change are reflected in financial markets. Phan is a senior economist at the Richmond Fed.

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