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Banker Resources

Supervision and regulation tools to help navigate the various areas of the banking industry.

How To...

Learn about the application process to become a state member bank and the benefits of Federal Reserve Bank membership.

Access Federal Reserve Credit for short-term or long-term needs.

Learn about reporting and reserves and how to submit your reports.

Find information, insights and other resources on banking and financial industry topics.

Applications & Membership

We handle requests from bank holding companies, state member banks, foreign organizations and individuals to form a bank holding company, acquire a bank or a controlling interest in a banking organization, engage in certain non-bank activities, merge with another bank or establish branches.

Discount Window

The Credit Risk Management area consists of Discount Window lending, Payment System Risk, Condition Monitoring and Collateral. All of these units work together to administer daylight and overnight extensions of credit ensuring compliance to the Board’s PSR policies.

Reporting Resources for Financial Institutions

The Federal Reserve uses a wide range of tools to collect data from bank holding companies, depository institutions, other financial and non-financial entities, and consumers. Collected data is used for monetary policy development, supervision and regulation of the banking industry, and protection of consumers' rights.

Regulatory Perspectives

We provide opportunities to those seeking regulatory and banking industry risk perspectives on a wide variety of topics including credit and financial risks, operational and technology risk, and corporate governance.

Banking Supervision

Banking Supervision supervises all state-chartered banks in the Fifth District that have elected to become members of the Federal Reserve. In addition, this department supervises bank holding companies, savings and loan holding companies, and the operations of any foreign bank conducting business in our District.

Bank Director Training

Online training curriculum designed to allow bank directors to quickly develop an understanding of their role in performing bank oversight responsibilities.

Additional Resources

Regulatory News

We implement congressional laws on a wide range of banking and financial activities, in part through regulations. When modifications to these regulations are proposed to meet the current needs of the financial community, the public is invited to provide input via the comment letter process.


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